you to congenital athymia support

Enzyvant CONNECT® is a program that provides children and their caregivers with personalized support as they navigate the congenital athymia journey.

Not an actual patient.

Supporting you throughout your congenital athymia journey

When you enroll in Enzyvant CONNECT you will get access to a suite of personalized services and helpful resources.

Dedicated care team

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Your dedicated care team, made up of a Support Liaison and Access Specialist, will guide you through your child’s diagnosis and treatment—and help you navigate insurance benefits and financial assistance.

Co-pay program

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Enzyvant CONNECT® Co-Pay Program Eligibility Guidelines

Patient must be fully enrolled in Enzyvant CONNECT Patient Support Program.

Once Enzyvant CONNECT completes the Benefits Investigation, they will determine eligibility for the co-pay program in accordance with the guidelines and criteria.

  • Only commercially insured patients (no federal or state healthcare program, including Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, DoD, or any state medical or pharmaceutical assistance program) are eligible
  • Only valid in the United States and US territories (Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands only); this offer is void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted
    • California and Massachusetts legislation restricts if a generic equivalent is available
  • The co-pay program is for assistance with the product's out-of-pocket expenses only
    • No ancillary support (ex: administration, office visits/valuations, blood work, X-rays or other testing, pre-medications/other medication) will be covered
      • Assistance requires that commercial insurance reimburse the product separately (and charge a product coinsurance separately)
    • Insurance cannot cover the entire cost of the prescription
  • Self-pay patients are not eligible
  • Approval is based on calendar year (01/01-12/31)
  • Must have commercial payer approval for the product

Access to exclusive resources

3 Enzyvant CONNECT resources
  • Document organizer
  • Sadie’s Search, a storybook written specifically with your child in mind
  • Interactive T-cell progress tracker
  • Activity book
  • And more!

Start your enrollment

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Not an actual patient.